Frequently Asked Questions

What do the letters “DRAC” stand for?

DRAC is an acronym for Downtown Residents’ Association of Columbus.


What is DRAC?

DRAC is a civic association comprised of downtown residents, urban partners and other Columbus residents who have an interest in the ongoing development of our community.


What are the downtown boundaries for DRAC?

According to our bylaws, the boundaries of DRAC are I-670 to the north, I-70 to the south, I-71 to the east and Scioto River to the west.


When do your monthly events occur?

We convene as a membership every third Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm (unless otherwise noted on specific event page information via Facebook or email.) We are always in a different location so be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter to stay tuned to where we will be.


How do I become a DRAC member?

Whether you are an individual, family or business who would like to join DRAC, simply visit our membership page to join with Paypal online payments. You can also join in-person at one of our events.


Is DRAC politically affiliated?

No. DRAC is a non-partisan organization.


Are there leadership opportunities available?

Yes. We welcome members in good standing for 90 days or longer to run for election to the board. Our members vote on this action every February at our annual meeting and some appointments may occur throughout the year as needed. Get in contact with the board for DRAC to find out more about the current status of leadership opportunities at one of our monthly events.

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