On the third Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm, DRAC hosts member events at a different downtown location or multiple locations. You can stay up-to-date on where we will be next by subscribing to our twice monthly email newsletter below.

These events are regular opportunities to connect with your downtown neighbors, both businesses and individuals. While you’re meeting new people and places, we share the latest developments of happenings and growth in the area and how you can get involved.


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Why host a DRAC event?


Great question! If you’re trying to figure out whether working with DRAC to host an event is the best fit for you, here are a couple things to think about.

As you may have read in our mission, DRAC exists to ensure a vibrant downtown neighborhood for our members by connecting you to your local community. To start, that means letting them meet you! As a downtown business, you are critical to the economic development and quality of life for downtown residents and we want to help facilitate that relationship.

We decided there was no better place for us to meet every month than a different downtown business that is helping us build on that quality of life. Residents can then get a better understanding of who their neighbors are and how they can continue to help those neighbors by supporting local business and bringing friends and visitors to the area.

At these events, our members truly have the opportunity to be a tourist in their own hometown and they often make a night of it with their friends and family every month.

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Advantages to hosting a DRAC event include:

  • Exposing your business to those who may not have heard about you or thought to visit you.
  • Share your story with our membership and offer them a deeper connection to the mission and values of your organization.
  • Let the membership take a test run. Whether you’d like to provide samples or tours or anything else. Give us a chance to try you out!

What we look for in a great DRAC event host:

  • A business that cares about its neighborhood and the people in it with plans to stick around for a long time.
  • A handicap-accessible space that accommodates at least 50 people at one time.
  • A partner who will help us by donating and arranging food, water and maybe a little wine for our members to enjoy.
  • A potential business-member who will not only host an event but be a partner with us the whole year around.
  • A host that is open to accommodating an event at 6:30pm on the third Wednesday of the month for at least an hour with your staff present for supervision and speaking. (Timing may work out to be less than an hour should we be visiting a second location in the same evening.)


To get in contact with the Events Committee, please submit a request for information about hosting a DRAC event.

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