Have you been having fun drinking your coffee, tea, colas, and red wines?  With all of the great offerings downtown, who could blame you? Do you feel like your smile could shine a little brighter? Capstone Dental Downtown is here to help!  Because we love calling downtown our home, we’d love to provide a FREE whitening offer to all of you who have contributed to the renewed growth and vibrancy of our community.

On Friday, October 6th, we will open our doors to take custom whitening impressions for current DRAC members. After a short turnaround time (about 2 weeks) we will deliver your custom bleaching trays and whitening gel at no cost to you!  This offer is good for both current clients of Capstone Dental Downtown AND those who never even knew we existed. 🙂

Please call 614-223-1000 today to hold your 20 min appointment.

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