The Downtown Residents’ Association of Columbus (DRAC) exists to ensure a vibrant downtown neighborhood. Our mission is to connect members to our community. Our downtown businesses help us every day by supporting us in that mission.


As a business that has been downtown since 2004, we have seen amazing changes. I try to attend every DRAC meeting for the opportunity to meet others that love downtown Columbus as much as I do and to keep informed of all the current happenings. DRAC does a great job of staying on top of development and news and presents it in an interesting venue each month. Everyone benefits! Residents get to see what options they have available in their neighborhood and businesses get to feature what they have to offer. I’m looking forward to a continued relationship with DRAC as downtown continues to grow!

Tammy Hurley

Owner, Studio 33 Salon & Spa

DRAC puts on networking and social events that are actually fun and interesting. As opposed to a dry finger sandwich and a shot of wine where you walk away with a couple business cards blowing around in the parking lot after, I find myself energized and engaged in thinking how I could further develop the relationship and support the people I’ve met to fully benefit both of us. A bonus to this is that I am also thinking, what great people, I definitely want to hang out with them again! Thanks to all the people behind the scenes at DRAC that work so hard to provide this wonderful group and resource. We appreciate it!

Kristin Winner

General Manager, Serendipity Labs – Columbus

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I have lived, worked and played in all of the downtown area neighborhoods for over 20 years now and currently live downtown with my office in the Short North. My reality career has a lot of synergy and overlap with serving on the board for the Downtown Residents’ Association and​ has given me a unique insight to the lesser-known pros and cons of each condo complex and neighborhood. Our board’s advocacy efforts as well as my volunteer participation with other downtown and real estate-centric organizations keeps me actively engaged in helping shape our downtown neighborhood. DRAC members, and especially us board members, are usually the first to know about new developments and initiatives which lends me a valuable edge in reading market trends and values.

Robert Bickis

Realtor + Catalyst, LiveDowntownColumb.US

Being a member of DRAC has been very beneficial to our real estate business. It has allowed us to connect with the current residents and businesses of downtown. The residents have given us insight into the buildings or complexes in which they live, telling us what they like and don’t like about each complex. This allows us to give our clients first-hand knowledge of the their potential new home. By networking with the various businesses, we can better sell the great features and benefits of living in downtown. It also helps that both of us (myself and Jim Meyer) both live downtown and have our office in the Short North.

We love downtown, love how much it has improved in the last several years and can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

Stephen Dial

Partner, Meyer&Dial of Cutler Real Estate

DRAC has allowed car2go to come to one of their weekly meetings and provide information to their members on how they can use car2go to get around town. We gave a brief speech on our service, provided promotional items and had a small table set up for people to come over and ask questions. DRAC is truly all about connecting and helping others!

Amber Sebring

Location Specialist, Columbus Car2Go

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